Why is bamboo flooring less expensive?

Why is bamboo flooring less expensive?

Bamboo floors can be installed in any room, on any type of sub-floor. Its installation is like that of any other wood product, so any contractor should be able to take care of it. When you do install, here are a few popular design options available:

  • Horizontal Style: This is when the planks are laid flat on the ground, revealing the plant’s growth rings (also called “knuckles”) for a more natural look.
  • Vertical Style: When the strips are laminated on their sides, so that the strips appear in longer, thinner rows, allowing your floors to have a tight, intricate look.
  • Strand-Woven: This type of bamboo flooring looks like any other design out there, but it is produced a little differently the strips are uniquely coated, compressed, and milled to retain an even greater strength

Due to easy installation methods it takes less labour hours and save the cost. Not only does it cut environmental costs, bamboo flooring will also preserve your budget. When it comes to installation, since it’s laid like any other product, the price will be the same. But the cost of the product itself is significantly cheaper: it’ll run you about $5-10 per a square foot; almost half that of other hardwoods. Plus, it can save you on maintenance costs. It’s easy to take care of with some simple sweeping and mopping. But just because it’s tough doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. Don’t slide furniture around and use rugs where you can. Avoid installation in damp areas of the home: basements, bathrooms, washrooms, etc and although it can be naturally moisture resistant, quickly clean up spills.

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