Cheap Laminate Flooring Vs Good Laminate Flooring: A complete Guide

Cheap Laminate Flooring Vs Good Laminate Flooring: A complete Guide

There was a time when laminate flooring was considered as a cheap alternative to hardwood and the other expensive flooring solutions. Laminate flooring was meant to give the same feel as the hardwood or engineered wood flooring but without the expensive price tags. Not only do the laminate floors last for a long while but they also give your home a more royal, trendy, ad authentic feel. Toronto is coming out to be a huge market for real estate and its related businesses. It is for this reason that laminate flooring is growing up to be a potential substitute to its expensive counterparts. With so many options and varieties in the market, how do you separate the cheap flooring from authentic laminate flooring? Let’s take a look at some of the major differences that will help you make the right choice.

Price matters
Before you buy laminate flooring for your place in Toronto, make sure that you have visited enough retailers to know the price range and the quality you will be getting in the budget you have allocated for the flooring. Talk to the salesperson and have review the product for you and grade it accordingly. You would want to have done your research before investing in the flooring.

Examine the sample
This is where the trick lies. Be patient with the technique and try to figure out the cheap factory made stuff from the good quality laminate flooring that would be as good as the engineered wood flooring. Some of the common features you should examining a sample for are:

  • Pattern: Make sure that the pattern is not repetitive. The natural pattern on the flooring doesn’t repeat in symmetrical fashion. If you find the sample with such patterns, move away.
  • Gaps in the wood: Gaps indicate poorly manufactured flooring. You need to pay special attention to the alignment of the boards and look for any uneven surfaces that would create gaps in the flooring. The good quality laminate flooring will have strong bonding mechanism amongst the planks.
  • Wear surface and image quality: If the planks have images that are cloudy and fuzzy then it means that the factory has used cheap flooring material to make the surface scratch and strain resistance while not compromising on the hardness of the flooring.
  • Image clarity: The look of the flooring matters. Make sure the image is clear, sharp and as close to the natural product as it possibly can be.

Talk to the salesperson
Instead of guessing, make sure you get the relevant details about the laminate flooring from the salesperson. Always ask for high-pressure material and the one which is protected from UV lights. This will keep the flooring looking new for a long time.

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