Bamboo Flooring Facts

Bamboo Flooring Facts

Choosing new flooring can be extremely overwhelming with so many different options in terms of type style and pattern, many people find themselves swamped. The best way to tackle such a large decision is to break it down into smaller, more conquerable decisions, the first of which is the type of flooring. Only once that selection has been made can you narrow it down to a specific style and colour. There are so many types of flooring such as:

1 – Bamboo – One of the latest additions of flooring types. Bamboo flooring has rapidly become the natural floor of choice for millions of people worldwide, not only for its status as an environmentally friendly product, but because it is an extremely stylish one too. The bamboo flooring could be a greener solution when compared to traditional flooring materials. Bamboo flooring is made from the fast growing bamboo grass and can be harvested in 4 or 5 years. Bamboo can regenerate without seeding and is often grown without pesticides. As a flooring material bamboo is durable and dense, and as well as maple and oak. The natural density reduces the need to refinish as often as hardwood. Milled like hardwood, with a groove on all four sides, bamboo is easy to install.

2 – Hardwood – Hardwood flooring is durable and made of solid wood all the way through. Wood choices include maple, oak, cherry, hickory, white ash, Mongolian teak, acacia and alder.

3 – Engineered Wood – Similar in appearance to hardwood, engineered wood flooring is built differently. Unlike solid hardwood, engineered wood has three to seven layers laminated or glued together. More resistant to moisture, engineered flooring can be used in every room.

4 РLaminate flooring Р Laminate flooring is created by fusing several layers of material together. The core is made of either high density or medium density fibreboard. Laminate flooring is hypoallergenic, stain, scratch and fade-resistant. Laminate copies the look of hardwood and more recently has been made to resemble stone and ceramic tile.

5 – Hard Flooring – Hard Flooring is a hard durable flooring material with a life expectancy exceeding other flooring. Thanks to new technology, the concrete surface can be made decorative by treating it with stains and colorants, or stamping and scoring it with a pattern. Easy to clean, and if properly maintained, hard flooring will never have to be replaced.

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